From tha age I can remember Ive always been fascinated with tha art of lyracism n Mcing. I began writing, not only lyrics but also short stories n poetry at tha age of 11 n as time passed ma focus steared more toward lyrics n song writing. By tha age of 15 I had countless cassette tapes recorded using a kareoke machine. Around this same time I met another artist named Profit who I began expanding ma music with from outside ma own circle to tha rest of tha city. By tha age of 16 I developed ma own studio setup (Riseup Records) where I quickly taught maself tha trait of mixing n engineering. Recording numerous cats from tha Bell City (Brantford ON) including Maloney, Burrows, Tyler Durand, Profit, Richie Dolo, Scott Free n many, many more.  Along with countless artists from all around Ontario (Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto ect.) While I was caught up working more as an audio engineer I still continued with ma own artistry creating 2 sub-par cds entitles “Jack`d Beats” n “Lyrikillings”. It wasn’t until I met producer Profane in 2008 when I really began to take tha music production to another level. Working non stop together we released ma first official public release in 2009 entitled “Ma Mixtape” which created a small local buzz n definatively set Riseup Records on tha map. After this I began working on a new completely independent project which I produced tha majority of maself entitled “A Wednesday” being released in late 2009. A short 9 track ep based around tha story n concept of a middle class mans work day. Heavily jazz based n a lot mellower than tha previous cds, this one seemed to appeal more to an older audience. Since then I spent most of 2010 / 2011 in tha studio engineering full length projects for many artists while still releasing singles of ma own. In late 2011 I began working on ma first official album entitled “Lets Cut Tha Formalities” which is also available now. Taking almost 2 years to complete this project it includes production from mostly Profane n features artists such as Minacci, Profit, Fresco Denero, Tyler Durnad n a few others. Tha majority of this album has been dedicated to tha themes of struggle, prosperity, hustling n HipHop. An album aimed to motivate n hopefully help a listener better themselves as a person... as far as more music being made goes, Im currently in tha works of a new mixtape aimed to release in July of 2013 n also a new album for February 2014. Blessed love to all ma fans n thank you for reading.